The Cantini Vetro workshop, a forge of original and captivating ideas, always in synergy with the customer, is also able to find the most suitable solution to further exalt the product, thus highlighting its uniqueness and quality.

Customisation, a fundamental process to add character and depth to the object, is the result of the fusion between the creativity of the designer and the values of the customer.

The watchword is: innovation.

From the development of the design, up to customisation, through technical drawings, 3D representations and characterisation techniques the recognisable and exclusive object is born.

The process 
From shape to colour

From a harmonious shape, which speaks to customers and their world, you arrive at an object made just for them. There are many techniques that can be used together to achieve this result.

For example, it is possible to customise the object by working on the glass itself through incisions or highlighting a motif that represents the customer, such as a logo, a crest or writing.

Generally speaking, this technique is used on the following parts of the bottle: the body, the shoulder, the piqûre, the mouth and the base.

It is also possible to decorate the container using modern techniques with various effects: metallic, glossy, mat, opaque, and satin finishes.

Finally, the possibilities offered by colour, which not only makes the container stand out but will further protect its contents.

There is a host of options ranging from classic colours such as uvag green to more modern one such as gold and vintage emerald.

Because every Cantini Vetro bottle is like no other.