Online the new web site
Cantini Vetro

For some months now we have been busy restyling our company, in terms of organisation and communication. The tangible result of this long and painstaking commitment has been improving our ability to respond to customer requests. As a matter of fact, this investment has been made to equip the Cantini Vetro with more advanced, modern and practical tools, in order to provide our clientele a more reliable and comprehensive service.


One of the tools we have developed is our new website that has an innovative product search system, as well as being more user-friendly, clearer in its content and easier to find information.



One of the stand out new features is the new search system that will allow you to filter our catalogue to always keep track, filter after filter, of the number of bottles that match your requirements, as well as being able to add or remove search criteria, expanding or shrinking the final result, to adapt it perfectly to your needs. In addition, Smart Search will never provide you with an "empty result", ensuring that your search will always lead to at least one useful result. The filters are actually updated as you continue with the search. The filters, for which no results exist, disappear and so you can rest assured not even a second of your precious time will be wasted.



The list of favourites is a very useful feature for anyone who wants to browse our catalogue and store in the memory some interesting models, accessible from the top menu or each product page. In effect it is a "collection" of product information sheets that the customer might be interested in. You can use this function by placing a product in your favourites list, just click on the button found on each product information sheet. Once you have finished selecting, you can request information and samples of your entire selection. As a result, it is no longer necessary to make individual requests or copy and paste the item name onto an email. While browsing and consulting the catalogue, you will simply need to add each product you are interested in to the favourites list. Once you have finished the search, click on the request information or request samples button and the system will send a message that will allow us, through a clear and unique list, to respond quickly to your request.